About NTT Software

NTT is the only software programme you will ever need to manage all your business processes in one place. NTT automates all aspects of your company procedures creating a seamlessly integrated one-stop shop. The ‘Super Six’ core modules below are included in our starter bundle and form the perfect foundation to digitally automate your business.


Helping you keep track of all your client and customer interactions.


Managing all your staffing needs from holidays to appraisals, as well as securely storing all employee information.


Intuitive reporting is essential to monitor the progress of your business. This module can produce basic reports using the data provided already within NTT.

Document Management

An intelligent virtual filing cabinet, holding all documents across the whole system, automatically identifying, allocating and tagging records in a format of your choice.

3rd Party Integration

NTT can link and draw from a wide range of 3rd party software, for example, Xero and Salesforce, making it even easier to store all your company information in one place.

Mobile App

Get access to selected areas of NTT on your mobile or tablet, enabling you to gain continuous access from absolutely anywhere.

Our Pricing

We like to keep our pricing as simple as our system. Our starter bundle, featuring all six modules is just £9.95 per user per month (minimum of 5 users). After this you can add licences individually for the same price, up to 25 users. For 25+ users, pricing drops to £8.95 per user per month. Additional modules can be added on request. Pricing for this is available on application.

Monthly Subscription from


per user

Minimum number of 5 users

Additional Modules

NTT aims to provide all the functionality you will ever need for your business, whether you are a warehouse in Warrington or a solicitors in Skegness. We recognise that different modules will be required for different businesses and that not everyone requires everything. We can provide additional modules as ‘add-ons’ to the system as well as extensions to the service. Tell us what you need and we will show you a module that does it! If we don’t currently have one, we will work with you to develop and build a bespoke solution, ensuring it meets your exact requirements. Process. Perfected.

Additional Modules


  • Point of Sale
  • Project Manager
  • Ticketing System
  • Marketing Manager
  • Timesheets
  • Wiki
  • Online Booking
  • Email Manager
  • Automation Bot
  • Internal Messaging
  • Recruitment
  • Collaboration
  • API Manager